Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mood Swings

Girls are commonly identified as a species with very complex emotions and physiology.
But then, other than females, what other gender do we have in this world?
Answer: MALE.
So, by saying girls are complex, we're actually saying the reverse is true for male i.e males are simple.
That in turn, leads to males being "liberated" from a lot of responsibilities because....they are SIMPLE.

How many times have you heard of girls being blamed as the reason of a fight in a relationship?
How many times have people actually blamed that emotional instability and insecurity in girls as the source of trouble?
Actually, girls are NOT COMPLICATED. We are just different from men. That's all.

Having said that, I need to admit that girls do have mood swings.
We may be very cheerful on one day, and on the very next day, we might feel as if the whole world has turned against us.

Taking this one week as an example (since today is already Friday, almost the end of the week), on Monday I was kinda "emo" but towards the end of the day things got better as Hui Fong asked me to stay over in IMU till night. On Tuesday, I went to Dialysis Centre, was cheerful and spiritful the whole visit. And when I got back to IMU, the mood dampen a bit, but I was still okay.

On Wednesday was Raya Haji, nothing much to say about my mood. Visitors come and go and I had to clean up and clean up and clean up the house the whole day until 11.30pm.

Then comes Thursday, by far the worst day of this week.
It has already started bad in the morning, with me being disappointed greatly, and accidentally fought with a friend of mine. Things didnt get any better when the fight not only did not end, it got even worse.
As I was emo-ing outside PBL room, at the very verge of tears pouring out, came a girlfriend of mine.
She asked what I was doing and why I looked very sober.
Of course, sugarcoating everything, I smiled and talked about something else. Laughed too.
Then I went off.

The lectures did not get any better although I have to admit that Mr Benny Effendie gave a terrific lecture, and I laughed a few times at his "incidental" jokes. Too bad he'll be leaving IMU soon. He was a very dull lecturer from my last experience with him. And the night too, did not start well, with me having to plead to a car workshop to allow me to drive my mum's car home while owing them RM150 and promised to pay the next morning. (Who asked them to change so many things in the first place!). Before that I even had to call my friends to ask if they can send cash over. I swear my knees were trembling under that piece of trousers I was wearing while talking to them and calling my friends near the workshop.

However, the night ended kind of funny.
And that was what I think gave me that weird dream this morning, and my mood today is kinda high up in the sky.
I was happy, loved myself enough, even accepted the fact that there are just some stupid part of me that I cant afford to brush it off for now.
I even spent 15mins looking for that super high heels I have to make me feel "taller" "higher". Too bad, I cant find them. Need to ask Kak Ra where she kept it when she comes home.

And now, my mood has became mixed again.

Anyway, mood swings like this for me, is normal for a girl.
It's not that we are complicated, we are just like that.

I did not actually intend to make this post a sexist one, but it turned out to be like that.
Ok, goodnight!


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