Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Study to Live, or Live to Study?

Assalammualaikum. :)

"Eat to live, or live to eat?"
I've heard that catchy phrase many a times in this short life of mine.
And I concluded, I eat to live.

Then suddenly yesterday, another similar question came into my mind,

"Study to Live or Live to Study?"

I noticed that since I entered semester 2 of med school, I'll turn cranky whenever the exam is nearing. And that cranki-ness was, in my opinion reflected a lot in my writings. And since I have less than 2 weeks for my upcoming exam, I think the cranki-ness is making its appearance again.

Back to my BIG question,
Some people study the whole day, their whole life.
They work so that they can pay their tuition fees.
They eat so that they'll have energy to study.
They sleep because they'll study when they wake up.
They wake up to study.
They go to the toilet, so that they can focus well on study.
They play so they'll be healthy, to study.
Basically ANYTHING they do, revolves around STUDYING.

I wonder what do these people get in return.
A medical degree?
Just that?

Sometimes, I wish I can literally knock their heads (read knock sense into them) to make them realise that, life is NOT only about STUDYING.

There are other aspects in life that we have to tend to, we have to be responsible to.

p/s: Perhaps some readers think I'm writing about my fantasy character but, trust me. There are other people like this around. I know at least one of them. =)


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