Monday, November 22, 2010

What Are You To Me and What Am I To You?

I think almost everyone have this question posed towards people around them, whether or not they realise it.

(A) To me, you are a lecturer who always come late but never failed to deliver good and funny lectures.

(B) To me, you are a friend, who likes to sinisterly hurt me, and I do not know why. It could be because you're jealous with me. Or you are plain unhappy seeing me happy.

(C) To me, you are a friend whom I value very much. And I know you appreciate me too. But you are always preoccupied with your study, and I dared not bother you then.

(D) To me, you are a blood linked relative, whom I have put so much respect and hope on. I THOUGHT I can always count on you, to understand the situation I am in. For we have gone through somewhat similar experience. But you disappointed me.

(E) To me, you are special, and unique. You are a friend, bestfriend, partner, and a foe at the same time. Depending on what you did and how my mood was. I'll treat you better if you do the same to me.

(F) To me, you are just a neighbour. I'll help you if you need help. I'll smile if our eyes met. And I'll run if your dog chase me.

Well, the 6 points above are not an answer to a question.
Definitely not answers to a multiple choice question.
They are what I felt towards 6 different people in my life.

I wonder, what am I to them?

Lately, I've learnt an important lesson.
"Do Not Get Bonded Easily"
Throughout the years, whenever I meet new people, I tend to get along well.
And I started to trust, and feel their importance.
But now I've realised, not everyone think of you like how you think of them.
Not everyone value you as much as you value them.


Monday 22nd Nov 2010


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