Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Fluctuating Iman Pt 2

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And so, IMU was a real cultural challenge for me.
And to know that I am still in Malaysia, made it worse.

I am not saying that the people making up IMU community are of bad ones. No no no...
It's just that there are more types of people in IMU than there are in INTEC, where I completed my A Levels.
With more types of people, you're bound to see more types of habits, attitudes, and moral.
Of course, there are very good, good, moderate, and bad people in both IMU and INTEC.
But since my circle of friends in INTEC was smaller, I didn't see much variations.

So, back to the fluctuating iman.

When we are in the circle of good people, we tend to be good.
Not because we're hypocrite, but because there are less distractions and seductions.
We do not see the "pleasure" of bad things.
We became complacent in our own world, the world where all our good friends are in.

When we are instead put in an environment where bad things are considered a norm, sooner or later, subconsciously or purposely, you adapted, and blended in.
And the things that once you see as gross, became "hurm..biasalaaa" things to you.

Could that be due to the fluctuating levels of our iman?
Could it be that our iman was not strong enough in the first place, that when we are faced with just a little challenge, we were shaken?

Or are we SUPPOSED to be shaken, and then realised we're not supposed to and start putting our feet on the correct ground again, firmer than they were?

Whichever works for you, and for me, I hope will turn us into better people.

And sad to say, my level of iman has been fluctuating, very greatly lately.
I am scared.

Perhaps that is why usrah is there. To maintain us, in that circle of friends.
But sometimes I wonder, we can't always choose our circle of friends.
Only occasionally can we choose the environment we are in; so if we are not equipped, to be in a different circle, aren't we in danger?

So, if you really want to stop smoking, you either be very strong and be able to say no to your smoking friends, or stop befriending them.
-this is a public service message-


But before leaving this blog, watch this!
Atikah posted this on fb, a video that reminded her of our housemates in INTEC.
How I miss them. :(
Akmar, Atikah, Ain and Fatin.
Malaysia, India, Ireland and Manchester.
That's like thousand miles away from each other!

-Because life is a test-


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  1. engineering?

    we are dying during tests/assignments/projects/final exam. normally, test,assignments and projects coming together. so, we are cramped at the end of the semester. early and mid? enjoy! =)

    btw,this one for you.