Thursday, March 16, 2017

My first CVL


It is already very late now - 11.19pm
I have a flight to catch tomorrow morning yeay! I'm going Sarawak for Fatin's wedding :D
Fatin married a BBC - British Born Chinese weewitt

But because today is one of those special days in my career, I decided I need to pen them down (or type, in my case)

So today, I was put on ICU duty, instead of GOT due to the lack of manpower in ICU.
And today also was my first time inserting a Central Venous Line (CVL)!
To non medical people, a CVL is a catheter (maybe "tube" sounds more familiar) that we insert into the body so that the tip of the catheter will lie in a patient's heart.
Yes, heart. The right atrium to be exact.
And we have to be careful to put into the vein, instead of the artery.

So today I inserted a CVL through a patient's internal jugular vein (that is the vein in our neck) - via US technique. 😆 😆

I know the older generations in medical would have laughed that I am so proud with this one CVL - they have inserted numerous during their HO years. I got my first only after I become an MO.

But, so what?
At least I have inserted one.
And this will certainly help me in future :)

So thanks Farid, for guiding me thru the insertion of CVL.
And Danny for being there, as an amateur as well hence I kept telling myself all the mistakes I did, are for me and him to learn 😀 😀

And I dont mind mentioning their names here - they don't even know the existence of this blog.

This is the check xray of the patient. We need this to ensure that the tip of our catheter is
nicely placed in the right atrium, not too low neither too high.
Til then!
Oh and I'll try to blog about my 48hrs Kuching trip :)

-Because life is a test-


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