Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What I Dislike Abt This Small Town


When I was in IMU, I had this one Korean friend.

His name was Park Sang Hyun (I remember his name well because of Park Ji Sung 😝 😝)

I asked him what is the thing he misses the most about Korea.
To my surprise, his answer was not the food, the culture, the weather, or even his family.
His answer was: THE INTERNET.
The internet in Korea, according to him was super fast.
And I can imagine that.

Here, in this not-so-tiny town in Johor, I dont even have proper access to the internet.
Heck, my housing area is not even on Google Map!
If I search for my own current location on Google Map - I will be in the middle of a rubber plantation.
I cannot subscribe to Telekom for even a landline, let alone getting Streamyx or Unifi here.

Thank God I am using Webe Mobile, the coverage is pretty strong near here.
But only intermittently.
Sometimes the coverage is very strong, I could watch episodes of Korean drama on my phone.
But sometimes the coverage is very weak until the person on the other end of the line claims my voice sounds like I am drowning in deep water.

For house internet, I subscribed to Webe Broadband.
It cost me RM59 for 30GB worth of internet.
But we usually finished the quota by 20th of every month - or earlier.
This month, I ran out of my 30GB quota already hence I am using a super slow internet now. And it's only the 14th.
I can't even test my internet speed on speedtest.net
Even the test itself takes super long to load.

Imagine trying to write, preview and then publish this post.
Hence pardon me if there are grammatical / spelling errors.
I can't read and re-read them before publishing them.
It just takes too much of my time.

Hence, I'm going to end this post here.
And suddenly I wonder, how is Park Sang Hyun doing now?
Last I remembered, he fell in love with this one chinese girl from Klang and was contemplating whether to confess or not 😍 😍

-Because life is a test-

See, even this speedtest.netpage is taking forever to load 😭 😭

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