Friday, January 10, 2020

Hello, Blog

Hola hola hola!

I have again changed my blog design, giving it a facelift but this time it's different.
This is the first time I actually spent money on my blog design.
I used to only use free templates from Gooyabi Templates or Sora Templates but I got so inspired after reading this one blogger's blogging tip that I decided to buy a blogger template from
This template is called Livvy and it cost me RM67!
I still have some issues with the template designs and are still waiting for Eve to reply to my messages on Etsy.

What I Tweaked Myself

The font size - the default font size for this template was very small, I couldn't get my eyes used to it.  I really need read-able font sizes to read comfortably and that means if other people's blog has small font, it really turns me off.

The widget title font - Eve used the Playfair Display font but she made it all lowercase. It gave me a feeling of unprofessionalism. For now, I simply changed it to normal format but I might change the whole font-style later, I get bored pretty easily.

May This Last

I hope I will use this theme for a long time, which is more than a year.
Looking at my track record of changing blog layouts, it is really difficult to achieve.
But since I actually paid for this theme, I hope I will appreciate it more.

-Because life is a test-


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  1. It looks good. Very simple. I changed my layout back in November and the price is almost as expensive as yours but I got it during sale so I only paid 50% of it.
    And trying to stick with one blogger template is really hard to achieve right?
    I bought 4 template from the same seller on etsy in a year paling singkat Tqa guna is about a month? hahaha
    Masa beli rasa cantik, dah pakai rasa annoying pulak.

  2. Yeaah. Over the years mcm asyik tukar layout je. Smpai dh tahu agak2 kt mana kt html tu yg can tweak ��

    Hope this last lah. ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ”̮